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英 [ˈneɪtɪv] 美 [ˈnetɪv]



形容词 本国的; 土著的; 天生的; 天真的,纯朴的

名词 当地人; 土著人; 当地产的动(植)物



1. he has been away from his native poland for three years.


2. the giant panda is native to china.


3. they are native speakers of english.


4. i am still struck by the native beauty of the lake.



1. english is the language of international business and learning it here from a native speaker is in demand and beneficial to chinese enterprises " going out ".

2. qian also said that any introduction of exotic culture should by no means surpass the tolerance bottom line of the native culture.

3. i hope my chinese can become more or less native by then.

4. one of the first articles i edited at the china daily concerned the discovery of cadmium in native rice.

5. he fled to his native france on the eve of sentencing in 1978 after spending 42 days in a california prison for a psychiatric evaluation.

6. it is a place where plants and animals from the caribbean sea share an ecosystem with native north american species.

7. farmers now can carry their native products to the urban market thanks to the convenient transportation.

8. these numbers point to a steadily declining'native'population set against cascading waves of immigration.

9. it was a casual remark that could have either been a personal observation or a native belief.

10. people move around, chatting casually about many topics with native english speakers to improve their language skills.


1. (动植物)当地土生的,原产地的

plants or animals that are native to a particular region live or grow there naturally and were not brought there.

e.g. ...a project to create a 50 acre forest of native caledonian pines...


e.g. many of the plants are native to brazil.


2. (能力或品质)生来就有的,天赋的

a native ability or quality is one that you possess naturally without having to learn it.

e.g. we have our native inborn talent, yet we hardly use it.


3. (移居他国的人)入乡随俗,同化

if you say that someone who is living away from their own country goes native, you mean that they try to live and dress like the local people.

e.g. you don't think he's gone native, do you? perhaps he has married out there and decided he can't come home.


4. (语言)本国的,出生地的

your native language or tongue is the first language that you learned to speak when you were a child.

e.g. she spoke not only her native language, swedish, but also english and french...


e.g. french is not my native tongue.

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英 [ˈeksɪt] 美 [ˈɛɡzɪt, ˈɛksɪt]

名词 退场; 出口,通道; 退去,退出; 死亡

不及物动词 退出; 退场; 离开; 去世


1. please exit by the rear door.


2. exit hamlet, bearing the body of polonius.



1. there is only one exit from the theater.


2. we left by the rear exit.


3. make your exit through the door at the back of the stage.



1. 出口;通道

the exit is the door through which you can leave a public building.

e.g. he picked up the case and walked towards the exit...


e.g. there's a fire exit by the downstairs ladies room.


2. (高速路、公路等的)出口,换道口

an exit on a motorway or highway is a place where traffic can leave it.

e.g. take the a422 exit at old stratford.


3. 离开;离去

if you refer to someone's exit, you are referring to the way that they left a room or building, or the fact that they left it.

e.g. i made a hasty exit and managed to open the gate.


4. 离开;退出;退场

if you refer to someone's exit, you are referring to the way that they left a situation or activity, or the fact that they left it.

e.g. ...after england's exit from the european championship...


e.g. they suggested that she make a dignified exit in the interest of the party.


5. 出去;离去;退出

if you exit from a room or building, you leave it.

e.g. she exits into the tropical storm...


e.g. as i exited the final display, i entered a hexagonal room...



1. based on the gasification process of lurgi gasifier, this paper describes the features of temperature elevating of the gas exit and/or ash lock and analyzes its reason, then summarizes the measures taken to avoid its happenning.


2. lifting things work, should first check whether the firm tied, the rope through the corners, padded quick exit should be located, and then try lifting off the ground 0.5m, after inspection of secure and reliable, the method of lifting..

起吊工作物,应先检查捆缚是否牢固,绳索经过的棱角、快口应设垫衬,然后试吊离地面 0.5m,经检查确认稳妥可靠后,方法起吊。。

3. the hot exit gas from the reformer enters the refractory-lined inlet chamber.


4. strictly in accordance with the pump operating rules, kai pump should be set prior to a pump, open the inlet valve, close the exit valve for emptying the exhaust, check whether the pump inlet pressure requirements.


5. objective to investigate and analyze the hepatitis c infection status for entry-exit people at wuhan port and provide reference to adopt available measure for prevention and control of infectious diseases.


6. etc. what is more, huaiqing druggists purchased local medicines in sichuan and guangzhou, engaged in machining and exit, set up semicolon in every medicine markets and traffic areas, planed the relationship between the total - colon and semicolon as a whole, mastered market information rapidly, and monopolised the management of medicines.

怀庆药商不仅经营本地的怀药,还收购四川、广州的特色药材,从事加工出口,在各大药材市场和水陆交通地区设立自己的分号,统筹总号与分号的关系,快速掌握市场信息,垄断药材经营,且以管理严格著称,因而在药材经营中立于不败之地。 猜你喜欢: 1.英语mega的中文是什么意思 2.英语memo的中文是什么意思 3.英语log off的中文是什么意思 4.英语menu的中文是什么意思




英 [plʌs] 美 [plʌs]

第三人称复数:plusses; pluses

介词 (表示运算)加; (表示包容)外加; [口语]和; (表示数目)在零(度)以上

名词 加号; [数学]正量; 好处; 附加物

形容词 加的; 正的; 附加的; 比所示数量多的



1. his experience in social work is a plus factor.


2. i found myself plus nearly 100 yuan.



1. five plus two equals seven.


2. this work requires intelligence plus experience.



1. his new job has several pluses, one of which is a large salary.



1. 加;加上

you say plus to show that one number or quantity is being added to another.

e.g. send a cheque for £18.99 plus £2 for postage and packing...


e.g. they will pay about $673 million plus interest.


2. 正(数)的;在零以上的

plus before a number or quantity means that the number or quantity is greater than zero.

e.g. the aircraft was subjected to temperatures of minus 65 degrees and plus 120 degrees.


3. 而且;还有

you can use plus when mentioning an additional item or fact.

e.g. there's easily enough room for two adults and three children, plus a dog in the boot...


e.g. we had to have an actor who could generate real empathy. plus he had to carry the audience through a lot of plot.


4. (用于数字或数量后)多于…的

you use plus after a number or quantity to indicate that the actual number or quantity is greater than the one mentioned.

e.g. there are only 35 staff to serve 30,000-plus customers...


e.g. among the guests were 16 high-flying executives, all on salaries of £50,000 a year plus.


5. (用于给学生作业评分)好于…的,高于…的

teachers use plus in grading work in schools and colleges. 'b plus' is a better grade than 'b', but it is not as good as 'a'.

6. 有利因素;好处

a plus is an advantage or benefit.

e.g. experience of any career in sales is a big plus...


e.g. there are plenty of plus points about being an older first-time mum.



1. kyungin korean company's high-series light reactive, colors k - hl red yellow blue, plus two monochrome high-light gray and purple, a total of five varieties.


2. plus we have players on the sideline waiting to come in - ole since he`s come back, and who`s been scoring again; gaby too.


3. and dye. the results from the whole experiments and sensitometric results from these emulsions showed: 1 that sensitization of zn-edta or cd-edta on silver bromide emulsion was affirmed; 2 that a cooperation sensitization of zn-edta or cd-edta, sulfur plus gold, and dye could be carried out to make a higher level of sensitization; 3 that a cooperation sensitization of zn-edta or cd-edta, on the basis of and dye, with oxalate-doped was carried out to make a higher level of sensitization without any increase in the level of fog.


4. 5 negotiable insurance policy/certificate in duplicate by people`s insurance co. of china incorporating their ocean marine cargo clauses and war risks from china to waterloo ontario for 110% of invoice value, plus 23% for duty, additional cost of insurance is for buyer`s account and to be drawn under this credit.


5. synergy of recombinant enhancin of trichoplusia ni granulovirus; 2. the synergy of honey and cabbage filtrate on autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus and bacillus thringiensis against the larvae of plus agnate was studied.

室内以蜂蜜和新鲜小白菜汁分别添饲银纹夜蛾幼虫,测定了其对acnpv和bt的增效作用,结果表明:在中低浓度acnpv时,蜂蜜和新鲜小白菜汁液刺激银纹夜蛾幼虫初期取食,其感染后前3 d的粪便量比只有acnpv处理的增加34。 猜你喜欢: 1.英语large的中文是什么意思 2.英语ports的中文是什么意思 3.英语缩写hr的中文是什么意思 4.英文duty表达的中文是什么意思 5.英语pet表达的中文是什么意思




英 [nekst] 美 [nɛkst]

形容词 紧接在后的; 次于的; 贴近的; 紧邻的

副词 接下去; 然后; 居后地; 依次的

名词 下一个; 下一位

介词 靠近; 居于…之后; 在…的隔壁

1. 紧接在后的;接下去的

the next period of time, event, person, or thing is the one that comes immediately after the present one or after the previous one.

e.g. i got up early the next morning.


e.g. ...the next available flight...


2. 紧接在后的;下一个的

you use next in expressions such as next friday ,next day and next year to refer, for example, to the first friday, day, or year that comes after the present or previous one.

e.g. let's plan a big night next week...


e.g. he retires next january...


3. 紧邻的;贴近的

the next place or person is the one that is nearest to you or that is the first one that you come to.

e.g. grace sighed so heavily that trish could hear it in the next room...


e.g. the man in the next chair was asleep...



1. she expects the domestic business will grow further next year because it is still a very small part of the firm's total trade.

2. items rescued because zhi is already onto the next game, already focused on the next opportunity for business.

3. the cooperative business model is on a trial run with formal operation scheduled for next year.

4. china's top business school is ready to accelerate its global development in the next decade, in a bid to help promote the expansion strategy of chinese companies.

5. fudan university's business school will launch the country's first sports marketing mba program next month, aiming to train professionals for the country's booming sports industry.

6. the ministry forecasts the software outsourcing business from the europe and the united states will jump 50 percent in the next few years.

7. abbas must act against militants in the next two or three weeks or the peace process will freeze.

8. despite the hustle and bustle of the vc business this year, the recovery has just started and is expected to continue in the next few years.

9. sun says he is worried about business next year, when his contracts with wholesalers expire.

10. jackson is in a relationship with lakers executive jeanie buss, who said last week jackson definitely will coach somewhere next year.


1. this is the subject of the next section.


2. i'm sure everything will be right again the next time you come.


3. analysis of soil moisture content in every soil layer, demonstrated that the plant at the milking stage was the most water-consuming stage, and the tasselling stage came the next.


4. i must ring the bell; i want off at the next stop.


5. this week, the ncaa announced that urbana is readyto progress to the next phase.

在这周,ncaa 宣布已经取得了下一个阶段的成功。

6. and the next time you cater for me...


7. i just daidai di, the fantasy that one day, i could yiwei next to his shoulder.


8. the next day a picnic was arranged in a beautiful coppice.


9. after three weeks, cuil next to the search results displayed in the photo has been significantly improved.


10. after 500 million dollar buys business of ibm personal computer, ceng yiyue makes the whole world the 3rd large personal computer produces business, be next to american hp and dai er.


11. hong kong china resources group shimei bay to participate in the development of the overall development plans in the next 10 years time, in batches of about 50 billion of funds.

香港中国资源集团石梅湾参与发展的总体发展计划在未来10年时间,分批约50亿美元的资金。 猜你喜欢: 1.英文next的中文是什么意思 2.英文mojo的中文是什么意思 3.英文boy的中文是指什么意思 4.英语mega的中文是什么意思 5.英语new表达的中文是什么意思